Top Tips For Identifying D2R Items On RSVSR

Top Tips For Identifying D2R Items On RSVSR

Every game is considered unique for specific features, and the Diablo II: Resurrected game is no different. It is an upgrade of Diablo II but is still based on the same core gaming principles that governed Diablo II. As a role-playing action game, the gamers are expected to complete tasks by identifying various items based on the profession chosen to play the game.

Identifying these items based on specific professions like sorceress, barbarian, Amazon, and more comes with a reward in the form of gold that can be used to purchase weapons that can aid the players as the tasks get more complex. However, not every gamer knows how to identify these D2R items resulting in them experiencing difficulty when playing the game. This article aims to help guide them in identifying D2R items that will aid and improve their gaming experience.

Where To Get D2R Items

The search is made easier when you know where to look when searching for something. There are various platforms to get D2R items, but not all platforms are legit. A legit platform is RSVSR. RSVSR is a platform that grants D2R game lovers access to the best and top D2 items for sale that will improve their gaming experience. The platform is guaranteed tested and trusted because it offers these items at the best rate and legal platform.

Tips For Identifying D2R items On RSVSR

Before anyone can enjoy the benefits of using the RSVSR platform, they first need to know how to identify these D2R items. These are some of the top tips for identifying these items on RSVSR. There are primarily two methods of identifying D2R items. They are:

  1. The scroll of identify: Every game has a written guide that pops up before any quest to tell you what to do or provide hints to the next task. This is how the scroll of identifying works. It helps every gamer by providing hints to the item needed for the next task.
  2. Deckard Cain: is a game character that functions as a guide who occasionally appears to guide a player. Although, this character offers a guide for a price (gold coins).

Tips For Using The Scroll Of Identify To Identify D2R Items On RSVSR

The scroll of identify is primarily earned by slaying enemies and claiming the scroll attached to them for a hint on the next task. However, RSVSR offers an avenue to buy these scrolls in a book (Tome of identify) that is limited to only 20 scrolls a book:

  • Ensure that the scroll bought is in line with the chosen profession in the game.
  • Open a scroll by right-clicking, and identify the item needed.

Tips For Using Deckard Cain

This character might appear tricky because it demands gold coins for its services and is an alternative to buying the scrolls of identity, though it costs more. However, there are ways to get its services for free. They are:

  • Successfully rescued Deckard Cain from the ruins of Trustram.
  • Cain is indebted to give you any knowledge you seek for free.


RSVSR is one of the cheapest and most reliable platforms to acquire knowledge that will aid any player in ide tidying D2R items. Although many expert players would prefer to rescue Cain, this platform is the cheapest and easiest alternative on failing to rescue Cain.