Disposable Pod Vapes: Everything You Need To Know About Them

Disposable Pod Vapes: Everything You Need To Know About Them

The act of vaping in comparison to smoking is an entirely different context and as such requires the use of specialized materials. For a lot of beginners, disposable pod vapes are a start into the process and they are quite economical too. There are other complex mod types to enjoy a pleasurable experience, but since most beginners do not know how long they wish to continue the process, the disposable pod vapes are recommended.

It is worth noting that even after acquaintance is established, some individuals end up using the vapes for a longer period. Of course they have advantages of effectiveness, affordability and more. This article will look into every basic fact you will require in your knowledge of disposable pod vapes. So let’s dive in!

What Are Disposable Pod Vapes

They are small, already charged to full as they come and are filled with an electronic liquid which users inhale. The fact they come charged limits the ability for them to be recharged. Hence, after the liquid is utilized completely, they are thrown away. Disposable vapes are a simpler way to stay in the vaping world. For those who do not want long procedures or a setting mood before vaping, the disposable vapes provides a befitting solution.

How Do They Work?

The operational system is just as simple as taking in a cigarette. There’s no button to press or control, and users simply just need to puff in and out. The disposable pod vapes do not require charging of any kind or refill, rather the in-built battery vaporizes the electronic liquid through a coil and gas is released. The minimum time duration should carry around 300 puffs, but that’s dependent on the user’s style of vaping.

How Long Can A Disposable Pod Vape Last?

On lots of occasions, a disposable pod vape is chosen based on its size and portability. Their duration also depends on this size factor, so whereas a 1.3ml of e-liquid can last for a weekend night out, a 2ml vape can last for longer. However as stated earlier, tenure is highly dependent on the vaping style of the user. The vapes come in bars, such as the ULTD puff bars that carry a standard 300 puffs, then the Geek bar with 540 puffs. In the event of long distance travels and better experience, multiple carriage of disposable pod vapes is advised.

Are Disposable Pod Vapes Safe?

Vaping generally is considered to be safer than smoking a cigarette. Hence, disposable pod vapes are safe to use in any way. These customized devices do not produce smoke, rather flavored vapor without any content of carbon monoxide or risk of tar inhalation. It is no surprise that they are even recommended to smokers who are looking to quit the habit and try something different.


Disposable pod vapes are non rechargeable materials that are pre-filled with flavors of nicotine for the process of vaping. They are usually small and cannot be used for long-term action. Their working mechanisms, durability and safety has been fully explained in this article. They are highly recommended for beginners due to their effectiveness and affordability. Enjoy a pleasurable experience!