An exhaustive guide about the knight in Oldschool RuneScape

An exhaustive guide about the knight in Oldschool RuneScape

The finest armour in Runescape that doesn't cost Runescape Gold is without a doubt the Void Knight Armour. In this blog post, you will come to know how to get Void Armor, some of its finest uses, and the finest things to buy with the RuneScape money you'll save by getting it.


By taking part in the minigame of Pest Control, one can get Void Armor. You may go there by utilizing the teleport is available free after every twenty minutes, of this minigame, by going to the Minigame Teleports menu. You may purchase void armour by exchanging the 3 to 5 commendation Points you obtain by winning the minigame. For each victory, you'll also receive OSRS gold worth ten times your battle level. This is good.

Pest Points

You will need 1,250 points, or 250 victories if you are over level 100 in battle, to purchase the entire set of knight Armor, which includes all three helmets, a rob, top, and gloves. The Void Knight Mace known as a blunt weapon, and Knight Seal are the other goods, however, they are hardly worthwhile purchases and can be ignored. The entire set takes approximately 8 to 14 hours to complete, but it will be good because you'll have a tonne of extra RuneScape Gold, at this point you have a knight for all three fighting styles.

Buy With Extra OSRS Gold

There is a tonne of fantastic possibilities that help you to buy with your newly-found OSRS Gold. The torture amulet, an anguish necklace, or a necklace of the occult would be the best option. The torture amulet and an anguish necklace are pricey things; they each cost about 15M to 17M OSRS gold. They are often recognized as being the Best, so it could be worthwhile. Considering how inexpensive a necklace of the Occult is—only 700K to 750K OSRS gold—Experts suggest purchasing it regardless of the situation.

Is void set the best knight available?

Yes. But you'll pay a big price for it. In comparison to the void knight, item sets like the knight set of Bandos (for melee), knight set of Armadyl (ranged combat), and Ancestral knight set all provide stronger defence and attack advantages. To get all that power, though, you'll need a large quantity of OSRS gold. Currently, the Armadyl set costs close to 100M OSRS gold, the Ancestral set close to 150M to 155M OSRS gold, and the Bandos melee knight set costs just under 60M OSRS gold.

Runescape bond

Runescape bond is a virtual currency that may be used to buy Runescape OSRS and Runescape 3 subscriptions. While Runescape 3 bonds' pricing is variable for several reasons, Oldschool Runescape's price changes as a result of the game’s high pricing. On the Grand Exchange, Runescape bonds can be bought. In RuneScape, bonds may be used for a variety of purposes, including trading, selling, and gifting. To present a bond to a friend, just click the use button next to the bond and then choose the person you wish to send the bond to.

Grand Exchange in OSRS

It is where you can spend (or save) your OSRS Gold. The main distinction is that there is no ability to 'navigate' the Grand Exchange, unlike systems used in games like World of Warcraft.